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My Dad has Alzheimer's
Jaime McGill
Monday, October 27, 2008, 11:39 PM

My father's name is James McGill. He has been diagnosed with early onset dementia. He is 64 and has had debilitating symptom for the past 8 years. The disease has rapidly robbed him of all his independence. He no longer has the ability to communicate or maintain an ounce of quality of life and dignity.

Over the past 2 years he has been bounced from psychiatric facilities, which are unfit to care for people in his situation, to nursing homes that are not equipped to care for him to hospitals that eventually say there is nothing more they can do to help.

There doesn't seem to be, or at least we have not found, any doctors or facilities that are able to offer ANY help. Most physicians we have encountered start out eager and feel they can help, but quickly their enthusiasm fades and my father is pushed off to the next facility. Most people including the physicians he encounters don't understand this disease. My father has become a lost cause and I'm sure he can't be alone. I've attached a link to video clips of him. He spends hours a day without any rest doing exactly what you see in these videos. It is amazing that his body can even withstand the continual and constant strain. Keep in mind that this was a man that was fully functioning, loving, caring and intelligent.

My mother spends 12-18 hour days at hospital bedsides or in his nursing home room or psychiatric room watching this. She has lost total quality of life to care for him and I'm sure the stress of this is what will end up taking her health.

Alzheimer's has taxed every member of our family physically, emotionally and financially. The worst part is the helplessness in not being able to offer him an ounce of peace and watching every physician and facility give up hope and literally reject him and push him on to any other facility that will take him.

There are no facilities equipped to care for people dying of a disease that will eventually be an epidemic. There are no medicines that can treat the acute symptoms that are robbing him of his quality of life. I don't think people realize that THIS IS ALZHEIMER'S and if you don't have $40k a month to spend on a private facility equipped to care for this then you have NO WHERE TO GO, literally my father has no where to go.

I would love to bring awareness, to rally help and most importantly find anywhere or anyone to offer my father some peace and some dignity.

If you can help or can point me in the right direction, please feel free to contact me at 914-497-3967.

Jaime McGill
Telephone: 914-497-3967

Video (on You Tube)

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